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2007 Events

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2007 August 16

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Delaney Brothers Bluegrass

7pm Thursday August 16, 2007
Courthouse Park, Court Street
Cortland, NY

Band Website: delaneybrothers.com

In 1981, brothers Ray and John Delaney saw central New York's need for a fresh bluegrass group. That same summer, they formed their group: Delaney Brothers Bluegrass. They promote a form of "New Traditionalism" bluegrass through professional appearance, tight vocals, and new and different instrumental arrangements.

Last year was the 25th anniversary of its inception; however, two long-time band members, Scott Corbett and Frank Dauenhauer, had to leave the band for medical reasons. Therefore, the 26th year brings forth new and exciting times as the band welcomes two new members. Today, the two new members, Nick Piccinini (banjo and vocals) and Jim Treat (upright bass), join the founders of the band, Ray Delaney (guitar, mandolin, vocals) and John Delaney (mandolin, guitar, vocals), along with long-time member "Diamond" Joe Davoli (fiddle, vocals).

The group writes, on their website, "Our two new band members have worked out really well and have added a new dimension to our sound that has been well received at all of our shows." Their most recent release is "We'll Meet Again Someday," and their most popular record is "Full Spectrum."

The following quotes can all be located on the band's official website: delaneybrothers.com

Delaney Brothers Bluegrass. Full Spectrum (independent). Brothers Ray and John play bluegrass like they mean it, making the most out of simple yet elegant arrangements, the stellar bowing of violinist Joe Davoli and the picking of Scott Corbett on banjo. Honest, reverent and energetic, Full Spectrum lives up to its title.
--NY Times' Top-Ten Local Releases

Full Spectrum generously offers 21 tunes, each performed with the level of energy you would expect from a "live" performance. The quality of recording is excellent and the mixing is superb.
--from The Golden Link Folk Singing Society newsletter, September, 2000