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Upcoming Events

Dave Hanlon's Cookbook

6pm Friday July 6, 2007
Marketplace Mall Parking Lot
64 Main Street, Cortland, NY

Band Website: DaveHanlonsCookbook.Com It's been over twenty years that Dave Hanlon's Cookbook has performed throughout Central New York. Their high-energy Rhythm & Blues dance oriented presentation has wowed numerous venues, including clubs, concerts, and weddings. Current members of the band include: Dave Hanlon (Drums, Percussion, Vocals), Ava Andrews (Lead Vocals), Lee Tiffault (Guitar, Composer), Jimmie Spivey (Bass Guitar, Vocals), and Ed Vivenzio (Keyboardist, Composer).

Cookbook has released two CDs. Their earliest, in 1994, was titled "Dig In." It received a lot of airplay. Their newest release "Live from the Dinosaur Bar B Que," has set local sales records and won the prestigious 2004 Sammy Award for best Rhythm & Blues CD. Any person who lives in or around the Syracuse area would easily understand this bands success. Their performances at the ever-loved Dinosaur Bar B Que are reason enough for the locals to swoon.

Dave Hanlon's Cookbook has shared the stage in concert with many artists through the years. A short list includes: Average White Band, Tom Scott, Charles Earland, Warren Hill, Karen White, and The Manhattans.


"Cookbook is a rare band that not only appeals to musicians, but more importantly appeals to all listners and music lovers, who love music that has feel, emotion, and energy." --CD Baby (http://cdbaby.com/cd/dhc)

"Syracuse's Dave Hanlon's Cookbook warms the air with a catchy R&B set list[...]" --Mark Bialczak, The Syracuse Post Standard