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2007 Events

Blotto; the Flashcubes; Hurtin Units

6pm Friday, July 20, 2007
Marketplace Mall Parking Lot
64 Main Street
Cortland, NY


It is the mix between music and comedy that created a name for this Albany-based band. The current line-up includes: Bowtie Blotto, Broadway Blotto, Cheese Blotto, F. Lee Harvey Blotto, and Sergeant Blotto. Although this band uses pseudonyms to hide their true identity, they don't conceal their true talents.

This band was very popular in the mid-eighties and even received exposure on MTV. The started in 1979, and they did so by using the remains of the Star Spangled Washboard Band. After releasing two EP records on their own Blotto Records, they heard the siren song of the music video revolution early. They produced a video for their song "I Wanna Be A Lifeguard", collaborating with students at SUNY Albany. The video was played on the very first day MTV aired, and it continued in heavy rotation due to its catchy tune and humorous appeal. The exposure from this video, led to a record deal and the release of more records; however, they never were as popular as "I Wanna Be A Lifeguard" was.

The group eventually broke up in 1984, with the members pursuing more profitable interests, but they still reunite occasionally for concerts in their home area of Albany. Now, almost 25 years later, they’re ready to rock Cortland. Unfortunately, they will have to do so without the original Chesse Blotto, who passed away in 1999. Their music still lives on, and Chesse Blotto would be proud.


"Blotto makes a cool party."
     --Megan Seacord, Kite.

"...one of the zaniest bands on the circuit."
     --Joe Makowiec, The Polytechnic.

"...catchy, commercial, and easy to take..."
     --Carlo Wolff, Metroland.

The Flashcubes

Formed in the late-seventies in Syracuse, NY, The Flashcubes combined their love for The Beatles with the high-energy sounds of the punk-rockers. In 2002, this band celebrated their 25th anniversary with a tour of Japan; moreover, this would lead to the release of a new CD, "Brilliant." In the past few years, Paul, Arty, Gary, and Tommy, have performed in Syracuse, Boston, New Jersey, New York City, Rochester, and Los Angeles.

The Flashcubes are guitarists Paul Armstrong and Arty Lenin, bassist Gary Frenay, and drummer Tommy Allen. During their initial start, in the early ‘80s, The Flashcubes only produced a couple of singles. They always seemed on the brink of bigger but nothing ever truly materialized. Paul was replaced by Mick Walker in '79, and the band was history by 1980. So, after a hard start, the band decided to go on a brief hiatus so the members could produce individually.

And all good things come to those who wait. After a rocky start, in 1993, Paul, Arty, Gary, and Tommy reunited to record four new tracks. These tracks would be much more successful. The regeneration of their recording livelihood coincided with a renewed assurance to live performances.

The past few years have brought appearances in Syracuse, Boston, New Jersey, New York City, Rochester and Los Angeles; additionally, they will be rockin’ upstate New York, specifically Cortland County in 2007.


"The Flashcubes have taken better care of business the second time around,
releasing three CDs: a live disc, an anthology of the old tapes, 
and a new studio album, Brilliant (out next year on Northside)."
      --Brett Milano, Boston Phoenix Review.

"The new studio album, BRILLIANT, fulfills The Flashcubes' promise, 
delivering the giddy excitement of a live 'Cubes show, with the added essential 
oomph that characterizes the greatest rockin' pop records."
      --Carl Cafarelli, WXXE.
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2007 July 20

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