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John Brown's Body

6pm Friday July 27, 2007
Marketplace Mall Parking Lot
64 Main Street, Cortland, NY

This seven-member group is amidst its tenth year of performing. Originally from Ithaca, NY, this band holds influences such as Johnny Cash and Sam Cooke, Massive Attack, and 311. Its latest studio album, "Pressure Points", has been on the rise on Billboard's Reggae Chart since being released. John Brown's Body is best known for its originality and superb, energetic live show.

The trademark JBB sound evolved out of early 90's rock and reggae and developed into a 21st century band founded on heavy drum and bass, four part vocal harmony, and a horn section. After self-releasing their earliest album on ITown Records, they were then signed to Shanachie Records and released three more records.

Recently, they've even made an appearance at the Bob Marley Day Festival in Miami, FL., alongside Lauryn Hill and others. The band has played many of the major U.S. Festivals and performed an average of over 100 shows a year for the past 8 years. To put in simply, they've been very busy. In 2006, the band toured nation-wide, and they were also invited to perform on the Dave Matthews and Friends Cruise to the Bahamas. This successful band's trip to Cortland, NY, will be something to look forward to.


"One of the world's best roots-style reggae bands."
--Boston Herald

"If it is possible to be both reverent and revolutionary, JBB has found a way with their new album."
--New York Daily News

"The most authentic purveyors of 'truth and rights' music around."
--The Village Voice

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2007 July 27

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