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2007 Events

Ola Onabule
Saturday March 10th

London born, Nigeria raised Ola Onabule has developed into one of the most unique and respected singers in Great Britain over the past decade. His four-octave voice and his ability to bridge elements of Soul, Jazz and World music have won over critics and created for him a loyal following.

UK’s Passion Magazine says, “OLA Onabule is probably the best kept secret in the British music world. Ola’s four-octave vocal range drips with emotion and he is being hailed as Britain’s finest soul singer - someone who not only connects with his audience but gets them up and dancing.”

In 1994, fed up with chasing a major label deal, Onabule started his own Rugged Ram Records and released his first single, “You’d Better Believe.” It received a positive response on British Jazz and Soul stations and led to the successful release of his first album, More Soul Than Sense.

In the decade following his debut album, Onabule established a strong reputation with both British soul fans and with artists on both sides of the ocean, as he worked with Patti LaBelle, Gladys Knight and Al Jarreau and self-released three more albums, From Meaning Beyond Definition, Precious Libations for Silent Gods and Ambitions For Deeper Breadth. In 2003 he was commissioned to write an aria for the Royal Opera House.

Michael Arens of Jazz Review said, “Listening to any of his five long players (full-length CDs); I heard Al Jarreau and Michael McDonald, Tower Of Power and Earth, Wind & Fire, but overall I was reminded of Donny Hathaway throughout. It’s not surprising that Mr. Onabule considers Hathaway his biggest influence and inspiration.”

Show Starts at 8:00pm, Desserts, Wine & Beer at 7:00pm Tickets: $20, Seniors $16, Children under 14 & students with I.D. are FREE.