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Upcoming Events

Ola Onabule

8pm Saturday April 12, 2008
Center for the Arts
Homer, NY

Artist Website: Olasmusic.Com


It's been said, "If he was good enough to be the sole entertainer at the Beckhams' wedding, he's good enough for most of us." Yet Ola Onabule is far, far more than a celebrity's entertainer. He is one of the most impressive vocalists in the business. Ola Onabule is amongst the finest soul/jazz/funk singer/songwriters of his generation and has carved a unique career for himself through his powerful live performances and critically acclaimed albums. Mesmerizing in person, it is Ola's stunning velvety voice that really captivates his audience. He and his four-piece band have wowed critics and the public alike, everywhere from London's Astoria to the Elizabeth Taylor Gala Performance, via the National Opera House to the Kennedy Center in America. Their repertoire ranges from classic soul to modern funk. Take a shot of Luther Vandross and add a splash of Al Jarreau, shake well, pour in front of a microphone and you have a global superstar.

His shows are simply phenomenal, his vocal range elastic and stretches across four octaves. His charismatic performances and ability to communicate with an audience have led to guest appearances with Roberta Flack, Gladys Knight, Al Jarreau and Natalie Cole. "Britain's finest soul singer" Blues & Soul Magazine.

Tickets: $25, Seniors $20, Students with ID or Children under 14 FREE
Show Starts at 8:00pm. Wine, Beer and Desserts at 7:00pm
Tickets can be purchased online at www.center4art.org, by calling toll free (877)749-ARTS(2787), or at the door.