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Upcoming Events

Eric Ross

7pm Thursday April 24, 2008
Center for the Arts
Homer, NY

Artist Website: ericross.info


American composer Eric Ross received his B.A. and M.A. from States University of New York and studied with Jean Krantz-Thomas. He premiered his "Concerto for Orchestra" at Lincoln Center in New York City and released his first solo album on Doria Records. A multi-instrumentalist, he performs on piano, synthesizers, guitar, and Theremin. For over twenty years he's led his own Ensemble featuring artists John Abercrombie, Larry Coryell, Oliver Lake, Andrew Cyrille, Leroy Jenkins, Youseff Yancy, Robert Dick, and many others.

Mr. Ross has toured throughout Europe and the USA. Recently, he's appeared at the Newport Jazz Festival, Toronto and Ottowa Canada Jazz Festivales, Amsterdam, Holland New Music Festival, and at the Gilmore International Keyboard Festival. With Mary Ross, photographer, video and computer artist, he presents original multi-media concerts combining music, visual art, and dance. The New York Times calls his music, "a unique blend of classical, jazz, serial, and avante-garde."

As a teacher, Eric Ross has lectured on the Theremin, piano, guitar, and electronic music at colleges, universities and schools throughout the United States and Europe. He was Master Teacher at the First International Theremin Festival and is considered to be the foremost authority on Frederick W. Riesberg, Franz Liszt's last pupil.

Ross was a personal friend of inventor and "the father of synthesizer" Dr. Robert Moog, as well as the legendary virtuoso of Theremin, Clara Rockmore. Ross has even played for the inventor of theremin, Professor Leon Theremin, himself, and has also collaborated with Dr. Theremin's niece Lydia Kavina in creating "An Overture for 14 Theremins". He is one of the key figures in the electronic music world today.

Show Starts at 7:00pm.