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2009 Events

Classical & Fingerstyle Guitar
Practice Session

2pm Saturday February 21, 2009
All Saints Elementary
112 S. Wilber Ave.
Syracuse, NY


We have scheduled our first Public Performance Practice Session.

DATE: Saturday, February 21
TIME: 2pm. The session runs for about 2 hours
PLACE: All Saints Elementary, Inc., 112 S. Wilbur Ave. (located at the W. Fayette St. entrance to Tip Hill, at the junction of Wilbur Ave and W. Fayette St., adjacent to the Ukraine Church, and 5 to 10 minutes from the West St. Exit, off Rt 690 W).


PURPOSE: These sessions provide an opportunity for classical and fingerstyle acoustic guitar soloists to share time with fellow guitarists, practicing and honing their public performance skills in an informal friendly environment. Time is allowed for each participant to perform a few pieces for the group. The following are among those who may wish to participate.
(1) Players wishing to develop, and/or refine their public performance skills.
(2) Players wishing to get over nervousness playing for others, and/or overcome stage fright.
(3) Accomplished players wishing to simply enjoy their artistry with others.
Ideally, each player will have between 10-to-15 minutes "on stage". This allows for maybe 3 or 4 pieces. However, players may use less time and/or do fewer pieces.