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Upcoming Events

Syracuse Symphony Orchestra
Wind Quintet

7pm Thursday March 5, 2009
Center for the Arts
Main Street
Homer, NY

Free Admission

Homer, NY

Join the SSO Wind Quintet, made up of principal players from the Syracuse Symphony Orchestra, for a concert featuring works by Julius Fucik, Charles Gounod, Malcom Arnold, Anton Reicha, J.S. Bach, Giles Farnaby, Claude Debussy, Jacques Ibert, and Scott Joplin. The Wind Quintet will introduce audience members to the unique characteristics of their instruments.

The Wind Quintet includes the bassoon, horn, clarinet, oboe, and flute. Composers have long recognized the potential of this combination of instruments for great expressiveness and variety of mood. The music for wind quintet was written in the last 200 years, though arrangements of earlier music are often played to great effect.

The participants include:

Deborah Coble on the Flute. Currently Principal Flute of the Syracuse Symphony Orchestra, a member of the SSO flute section since 1975.

Philip MacArthur on the Oboe. Joining the Syracuse Symphony Orchestra in 1962, Philip MacArthur has been a featured soloist with the Orchestra on numerous occasions and currently plays Principal Oboe.

Allan Kolsky playing the Clarinet. Allan received a Bachelor of Music Degree (Summa Cum Laude) from Temple University in Philadelphia and a Master of Music Degree (With Distinction) from DePaul University in Chicago.

Gregory Quick playing the Bassoon. Gregory has been the Principal Bassoon of the Syracuse Symphony Orchestra since 1977.

Matt Muehl-Miller on the Horn. Matt Muehl-Miller, a graduate of the Juilliard School, is entering a one-year position with the Syracuse Symphony Orchestra. He is currently on leave as Principal Horn at the Hartford Symphony Orchestra and Second Horn with the Springfield Symphony Orchestra.