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2011 Events

Sadiq Abdu-Shahid


Website: DrumatiCymbalism.com

"Drumming for me is a family occupational tradition. My professional experience embraces at least 14 popular styles; 2 classical idioms, and 9 venues. The classical idioms are my favorite. Jazz music in general is a blues oriented system native to America, characterized by a highly sophisticated harmonic and rhythmic improvisational idiom. Improvisation is the chief quality that distinguishes Jazz from other music styles. I have been immersed in the Jazz experience from the very start, beginning in Cleveland, Ohio in the 1940's; to Detroit, Michigan in the '50's; New York City in the 1960's and '70's; Japan and the far east in the 1990's, and Masonville-Sidney-Bainbridge / Upstate New York area in the 2000's. In association with the extraordinary improvisational drum-set trio drumatiCymbalism, my current plans are to build a business bridge in the form of a Jazz youth orchestra for the purpose of encouraging and helping the youth comprehend and demonstrate economic realities associated with their individual artistic visions."

Sadiq studied with master percussionist/author Charles Wilcoxon in Cleveland, Ohio, holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Music Performance from NYU; was one of the founding drummers for Motown rhythm and blues recordings and performances under his birth name of Archie Lee Taylor, Jr. Later he was on the cutting edge of group improvisational music, avant guard jazz, and free form jazz, performing and recording with Ornette Coleman, Larry Young, Pharaoh Sanders, Sun Ra, Cecil Taylor, James "Blood" Ulmer, Zane Massey, and Woody Shaw. His tours include: Japan, Germany, Italy, Canada, Holland, France, and Belgium.

Discography: "The Bust Out" and "Multiplexity" with Kenny Millions and either Mark Miller, William Parker, Garrett Listz, Peter Warren (1972) - "Lawrence Of Newark" with Larry Young, Organist (1973) - "Safe To Imagine" & "Brass Knuckles" with Zane Massey (1996)