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2013 Events

Maria Mucaria

Flute, recorder

Before she moved to the Cortland area Maria Mucaria was an active board member of the Long Island Flute Club, participating as a piccolo instructor at their annual flute festival, playing piccolo and flute in at flute choir concerts, and participating at board meetings to come up with new and exciting ideas for students in the region. She is also a member of the National Flute Association and the New York Flute Club and also a part of several music educator organizations.

Maria has performed in several groups on Long Island from a flute and guitar duo, to local community bands and orchestras, to professional and semi-professional bands, orchestras, and chamber ensembles. She also sang soprano in choruses that ranged in size from the large oratorio groups to the small chamber choirs.

She plays a variety of instruments from the flute family and performs with as many as possible, giving a unique sound and flavor when compared to those that only utilize the flute. Maria has been seen playing: piccolo, flute, alto flute, sopranino, soprano, alto, and occasionally bass recorders. She also play Irish tin whistle, the fife, and occasionally when requested, Renaissance and Baroque flutes.

Maria Mucaria has a background as a music educator with a BM in music education from Crane and a MA in music history and literature with a performance emphasis of piccolo and flute from Long Island University- C. W. Post Campus. She is currently associated with the Center for the Arts in Homer as a flute teacher (and anything else they can find for her to teach ;-)).