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2015 Events

Classical Guitar Event

Friday 7:00pm
May 1, 2015
United Presbyterian Church
25 Church Street
Cortland, NY

Free Admission (Donations Accepted)

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There will be an Evening of Classical Guitar at the United Presbyterian Church, 25 Church Street in Cortland, beginning at 7pm Friday May 1st. Professor Pablo Cohen will bring student guitarists from Ithaca College to perform music of Mozart, Albeniz, Barrios, Piazzolla, Reich, Takemitsu and others. The event will include solo and ensemble performances, including a guitar and flute duo. If you love the guitar, don't miss this event! Admission is free, but donations will be accepted.

Nine students plan to participate in the event, each bringing their own interests, personal background and perspective to the music. Many are guitar performance majors, while others plan careers in public relations or sound recording. There are also a variety of musical interests amongst the students, in styles ranging from classical to flamenco to 20th century and contemporary music – even heavy metal.

The performers will include freshmen: Jason Eldridge, Goldye Horan, sophomore: Kevin Flanagan, juniors: Aaron Civic, Kai Hutchinson, Michael Nowotarski, George Wilhelm and seniors: Bryan Spencer and Ian Steinberg.

The performers are students of Professor Pablo Cohen's Guitar Studio at Ithaca College, where the program of study includes traditional classical guitar literature with special attention to performance practices of the baroque and pre-classical periods. Research into new streams of repertoire is emphasized by finding and performing original repertoire and by mastering transcription techniques.

The event is presented by Cortland Music, a local non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of classical music. For further information, see the website Guitar.CortlandMusic.Org or email John Sikora at mail@cortlandmusic.org (607) 745-6707.

Prof. Pablo Cohen (far left) and students of the Ithaca College Guitar Studio



In the Ithaca College Guitar Studio class, Aaron Civic plays the guitar while
other students make written comments on technique, style and interpretation.



After getting some verbal comments from the class, Prof. Pablo Cohen
summarizes the comments and makes some suggestions of his own.