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2008 Events

Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration

4-9pm Friday January 25, 2008
Corey-Union, SUNY Cortland
Cortland, NY

Cortland, NY

K-12 Student Art Exhibition 
"This is My Dream for the World" - Function Room, Corey Union 4-9PM

Commemoration Ceremony 5PM - 6PM Exhibition Lounge

Musical Celebration - 6:30PM featuring the music of the following four bands:

The JazzHappensBand 
Jeff Dovi                     Trumpet
Mike Poole                 Trombone
Nick Pauldine             Clarinet
Jim Overhiser              Tuba
Robbert van Renesse   Banjo
Steve Wilson               Piano
David Alexander           Drums and devices

UrbanHorseThieves urbanhorsethieves.com   
Joseph Rayle (Bass, Vocals); Dustin Stuhr (Guitar, Vocals); 
Steve Reichlen (Drums); Joseph Prusch (Fiddle, Vocals); 
Charles d'Orban (Guitar)

Rock and Blues Ensemble
Marc Prus
Steve Barnes
Tom Pasquarello
SUNY Cortland Students

Matie Massie -  (Ashante for "I listen and I understand" )
with selections from 
Word Groove" - Poems ad Stories of the Harlem Renaissance Era 
Vanessa Johnson,Corkie Ellison, and drummer)