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2007 Events

Duke Robillard

6pm Friday July 13, 2007
Marketplace Mall Parking Lot
64 Main Street
Cortland, NY

For two consecutive years, Duke Robillard has been named The W.C. Handy Awards' "Best Blues Guitarist". Duke was born in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, and has always been fascinated by the ways in which Jazz, Swing, and the Blues were linked. Robillard is a man who has a full range of creative talents that seem to be unique in the style of music that he loves.

He is said to be, as stated on his website, to be "a complete artist at the height of his power;" however, none of this goes to his head. He still travels, still plays as many as 250 shows in a year. Furthermore, he is still proving that his true gift is bringing people together to hear the music that he loves.

As a solo artist, he has released five records including his latest "all-blues." His next record outing, "Living With the Blues," was released in early 2002. Although he has been quite successful on his own, there is one event that is usually noted when talking about Duke. He has worked with super famous musician Bob Dylan. He now has his own studio in his home, and he has become intensely involved in graphic design and photography as well as record production.


"As far as I'm concerned, he has already taken his place as one of today's most significant blues guitarists."
--George Graham

"One of the great players"
--B.B. King