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2007 Events

Classical Music Festival
Sunday November 18, 2007
The Blue Frog Coffeehouse: Cortland, NY

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A Classical Music Festival will be held on Sunday November 18, 2007 at the Blue Frog Coffeehouse in Cortland, NY. If you would like to participate in future festivals, contact John Sikora A list of participating musicians and their music is given below.

Music Schedule

Time Musician Instrument Music Program
12:00 Crown City Brass Brass Ensemble
Canzon 2 			Paul Peuerl
El Gato Montes 			Manuel Penella / arr. Lichtmann
Amparito Roca 			Jaime Texidor Dalmau
La Cumparsita 			M. Rodriguez / arr. Kompanek
West Side Story 		Leonard Bernstein / arr. Gale
  --One Hand, One Heart
Funeral March of a Marionette 	Charles Gounod / arr. Villanueva
12:30 Lois Pfister
Maria Mucaria
Marina Gorelaya
Aaron Baier
Sonata for Flute and Piano 		Francis Poulenc
    1.  Allegro malinoconico
    2.  Cantilena
    3.  Presto giocoso
Concerto in d minor opus 69 		Bernard Molique
   for Flute and Orchestra (or Piano) 	
    2. Andante

Scarborough Faire 			English Ballad
Si Beag Si Mór (Sheebeg Sheemore) 	Turlough O'Carolan
Neopolitan Tarantella 			Italian Folk Dance

Le Bouquet de Roses opus 408 		Eugene Damare
   for Piccolo and Piano 		

1:30 Donald Stone Sade classical guitar
My Lord Willoughby's Welcome Home	John Dowland
Recercate Concertante 			Francesco da Milano
Malagueña 				Traditional
L'Amoroso				Mauro Giuliani
Sakura 					Yuquijiro Yocoh
2:00 Tekla Babyak piano
Presto from Sonata in E Minor,	Franz Joseph Haydn (1732-1809)
   Hob. XVI/34 	
The Storm, Op. 109, no. 13	Johann Burgmuller (1806-1874)
Nocturne in E Minor, 		Frederic Chopin (1810-1849)
   Op. 72, no. 1		
Nocturne in C-sharp Minor,	Chopin 
   Op. 27, no. 2	
Rhapsody in G Minor, 		Johannes Brahms (1833-1897)
   Op. 79, no. 2		
June, Op. 37, no. 6		Piotr I.Tcha ikovsky (1840-1893)
Lotus Land, Op. 47, no. 1	Cyril Scott (1879-1970)
Clowns, Op. 68, no. 6		Joaquin Turina (1882-1949)
3:00 Dave Richman classical guitar
Lute Suite #1 in e minor	J.S. Bach
3:20 Walter Liszewski classical guitar
Andantino in C			Fernando Sor
Lagrima				Francisco Tarrega
Sonata (Pathetique) 		Ludwig van Beethoven
Cuando Calienta el Sol		Los Hermanos Rigual
Wonderful World			Louis Armstrong
3:40 Chris Woodard classical guitar
If Things Went My Way		C. Woodard
Things That Might've Been	C. Woodard
Princess Ciara			C. Woodard
4:00 Lisa Craig Fenwick
Melissa Collins
Celtic Harp, Flute
Celtic Harp
Triptic Dance			Pierre Beauchant
Down in Yon Forest		English			 
Crossing to Ireland		Scottish	
Habanera Gris			Alfredo Ortiz	 
Menuet	and Greeensleeves	Johann Quantz/English
Les Pins de Chalannes		H. Renie
Star of County Down		Irish
Carrickfergus			Irish	 
My Dancing Day and 
Ye Banks and Braes		England/Scotland
Lauda				15th C. Italy
The Little Fountain		Samuel Pratt
Mary Scott, Flower of Yarrow	Scottish
Flow Gently Sweet Afton		Scottish
Ye Banks and Braes		Scottish
Equinox Lullaby 		Carol Wood
Morgan Meaghan			Turlough O'Carolan
Down By The Sally Gardens	English/Irish
Tis Winter Now			English
Rosin the Beau			Irish
More Harp solos if time		Titles to be announced
When Christ Was Born		Traditional Manx

Event Sponsors:

St. Mary's Church: Cortland, NY

Cultural Resources Council of Onondaga County

New York State Music Fund

Contributions of Local Individuals and Businesses