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2008 Events

Classical Music Festival
Sunday April 27, 2008
The Blue Frog Coffeehouse: Cortland, NY
1:00 - 5:00pm

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A Classical Music Festival will be held on Sunday April 27, 2008 at the Blue Frog Coffeehouse in Cortland, NY. If you would like to participate in this or future festivals, contact John Sikora A list of participating musicians and their music is given below.

Tentative Music Schedule

Time Musician Instrument Music Program
1:00 Alex Feiszley
Rick Starmer
Sonata                - Beethoven
Toccata               - Aram Khachaturain
Original Compositions - Rick Starmer 
1:30 CHS Madrigal Singers Choral Ensemble under the direction of Mr. Benjamin Wells
Since Robin Hood by Thomas Weelkes 
     - Madrigal Singers
Tu Lo Sai by Giuseppi Torelli 
     - Lydia Allen w/ Marina Gorelaya
The Vagabond from Songs of Travel by Ralph Vaughn Williams 
     - Jonathan Fleischman w/ Brian Dobreski
Danza, Danza Fanciulla by Francesco Durante 
     - Lillian Fuller w/ Marina Gorelaya
Lullaby from The Consul by Gian Carlo Menotti 
    - Kiara Walker w/ Marina Gorelaya
Off to Massachusetts from Little Women by Jason Howland 
     - Nick Alteri and Amanda Nauseef w/ Brian Dobreski 
Man That is Born of Woman by Henry Purcell 
     - Madrigal Singers
Ave Maria by Franz Schubert 
     - Jessica Moss w/ Marina Gorelaya
Danny Boy Traditional Irish 
     - Samantha D’Albano w/ Brian Dobreski
Deh Vieni Non Tardar from the Marriage of Figaro by W. A. Mozart 
     - Hannah Owens w/ Marina Gorelaya
Der Neugierige and Mein from Die Schone Mullerin by Franz Schubert 
     - Benjamin M. Wells w/ Marina Gorelaya
Habanera from Carmen by Georges Bizet 
     - Jamilla Fort w/ Marina Gorelaya
Voi Che Sapete from the Marriage of Figaro by W. A. Mozart 
     - Amanda Nauseef w/ Brian Dobreski
Black Swan from The Medium by Gian Carlo Menotti 
     - Skye Wilson w/ Brian Dobreski
Pastyme with Good Company by King Henry VIII 
     - Madrigal Singers
2:15 Matt Lowe
Elliot Mangini
Marina Gorelaya
2:30 Dave Richman Classical Guitar
Across the Universe - Lennon/ McCartney
Jesus, Joy of man's desiring - J.S. Bach
And I Love Her - Lennon/ McCartney
May Sheep Gently Graze - J.S. Bach
Blackbird - Lennon/ McCartney
Tango - opus 165 N0.2 Isaac Albeniz
If time allows: 
Maria Carolina - Antonio Lauro
2:45 Tekla Babyak piano
Prelude and Fugue #13 - J.S. Bach (1685-1750) 
Prelude #15           - J.S. Bach
Nocturne, Op. 9 no. 1 - Frederic Chopin (1810-1849)
Etude, Op. 10 no. 3   - Chopin
Gymnopedie no. 1      - Erik Satie (1866-1925)
3:15 Laura Enslin
Marina Gorelya
Min Herr Marquis   - Strauss
Oh! Quante volte   - Bellini
With Verdure Clad  - Haydn
Glitter and Be Gay - Bernstein
3:45 Chris Woodard Guitar
4:00 Crown City Brass Brass Ensemble
Abendlied                         - J.G. Rheinberger, arr. M. Poole
Grand March from "Aida"           - G. Verdi, arr. Barnes
Medley                            - George M. Cohan, arr. Nagel
Variations on "A Mighty Fortress" - arr. K. Kaisershot
The Liberty Bell                  - J.P. Sousa, arr. H.C. Smith
Pirates of the Caribbean          - arr M. Baxendell
4:30 Lisa Craig Fenwick
Melissa Collins
Celtic Harp Duo
O'Carolan's Concerto                         - O'Carolan.
Two Austrian Carols:
   Still, Still, Still
   As Lately We Watched
Mexican Serenade                             - Gail Barber
Ships that Sail (harp and flute)             - Traditional 
Wind that Shakes the Barley (harp and flute) - Traditional 
Morgan Meghean                               - O'Carolan
Crossing to Ireland
Mary Scott Flower of Yarrow  
Processional by Linda Wood (solo harp)
and some others

This concert is organized by Cortland Music and supported by:

The New York State Music Fund,
established by the New York State Attorney General at
Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors.