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2009 Events

Guitar Public Performance Practice Session

2pm Sunday June 14, 2009
All Saints Elementary School
112 Wilbur Ave.
Syracuse, NY

Syracuse, NY

Purpose: The purpose of these sessions is to bring together classical and steel string acoustic guitarists interested in joining with fellow players in order to hone public performance skills, and to hear others play in a friendly environment. The sessions are meant for,

  1. Players wishing to develop, refine and/or practice their public performance skills.
  2. Players wishing to overcome stage fright.
  3. Accomplished players wishing to enjoy their artistry with others.
Ideally, and depending on number of participants, each player will have between 10-to-15 minutes "on stage". This allows for maybe 3 or 4 pieces. However, players may use less time and/or do fewer pieces.
Location: All Saints Elementary
Directions: Take West St. Exit off Rt 690 W....make a Right onto W. Fayette St, and drive for less than 10 minutes, to the top of the hill (Tip Hill) where W. Fayette enters S. Wilbur Ave. You will see the school adjacent and on the left of the Ukrainian Church, which is the huge green domed building straight ahead. You wont miss it). To enter the parking lot, bear Right at the fork, onto Tompkins St, which is on the right side of the church. The Left turn off Tompkins and into the parking lot comes up fast, so be careful.
Email CortlandMusic.Org for more information.