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2011 Events

Music of the Renaissance
performed by Gamba Obscura

Sunday 4:00pm
June 19, 2011
United Presbyterian Church
25 Church Street
Cortland, NY

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The Renaissance group Gamba Obscura will perform on Sunday June 19th at 4pm in the United Presbyterian Church, 25 Church Street in Cortland, NY. The group is a free will gathering of a few musicians sharing common interest in playing the rather obscure viola da gamba music. Gamba Obscura will present the music of Matthew Locke as well as selections from "The Months" by Christopher Simpson. Viols will be accompanied by the harpsichord in this concert. The event is free and open to the public.

Alex Korolov has been trained by his father in early music (Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque) from the age of 8. He learned to play first recorders, then lute and viola da gamba. He holds a degree in viola da gamba from Indiana University, Bloomington. He is currently performing with the folk/world music ensembles Cantiga, Tartanic, Wine and Alchemy and The New World Renaissance Band.

Toby Weinberg is a world-class performer on the Norwegian Hardanger fiddle, presenting concerts and workshops in Norwegian and American dance and music performance. Playing the viol is his respite from this very taxing, travel rich activity.

Alexander Rakov has been performing early music since 1975. He has been a music director and then instrumental consort director of the Schola Cantorum of Syracuse since 1985.

Kate Cushing is a professional cellist, bagpiper and music teacher. Early music was always her love, and she happily allotted more and more of her time to studying and playing viola da gamba.

Joscelyn Godwin is Professor of Music at Colgate University and an author, editor, and translator in the fields of musicology and esoteric traditions. On the practical side, he specializes in harpsichord continuo playing. He also plays tenor viol regularly, and has taken a part in a few concerts as violist.

Tom Klenck, art teacher, woodworker, editor and illustrator, has played early music since the '70s, and enjoys building reproductions of period instruments. He made the Italian-style harpsichord played in this concert.

Organizational support for this concert is provided by Cortland Music, Inc.

Gamba Obscura with their Extended Family

Members of Gamba Obscura:

	Toby Weinberg     -  treble and tenor viola da gamba
	Alex Korolov      -  treble, tenor, bass viola da gamba and lute
	Kate Cushing      -  bass viola da gamba
	Tom Klenck        -  bass viola da gamba
	Joscelyn Godwin   -  cembalo
	Alexander Rakov   -  treble, tenor, bass viola da gamba and lute


Matthew Locke (1621-1677) - The Broken Consort: Suite I Fantasia, Courante, Air, Saraband Christopher Simpson (1604-1669) - The Monthes June, July, August Matthew Locke Consort of four parts: Suite II in d minor-major Fantasia, Courante, Air, Saraband Prelude to Concert 38: The missle Monsieur de Sainte Colombe (ca. 1640 - 1700) - Concert XXXVIII Le mesle’ Christopher Simpson (1604-1669) - The Monthes January February March Matthew Locke - The Flat Consort: Set II Fantasia, Courante, Fantasia, Saraband, Fantasia, Jigg