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2007 Events

The Crooners

6pm Friday July 13, 2007
Marketplace Mall Parking Lot
64 Main Street
Cortland, NY

For about five years now, The Crooners have brought their interpretation of rock with them all throughout the United States. It is their combination of Blues, Swing, Folk, and Country that has made them so popular. Friends Nyles Fitzgerald (washtub bass), Kevin Denton (guitar), and Chris Merkley (guitar and harmonica) met at Cornell University, in 1998. They have been making music ever since. They just released their first full-length album, "So Many Places," in 2006.

The Crooners' story is not nearly as colorful and exciting as the band's performances, though. The way they take over the stage with passion and enthusiasm is inimitable. The Crooners started out on the streets of Paris, but soon brought their high-powered arrangements of blues and swing classics indoors back in the states. Because of their memorable performances, they have been able to construct a fan base in both the states and over seas.

Their first complete album, "So Many Places," was produced in 2006. Recorded at the band's loft in Brooklyn, the album exhibits the band's songwriting and production talents. The album also exhibits the qualities of the bands of various musical interests, from Robert Johnson to Neil Young and The Beatles.

Today, the band continues to tour, playing to bigger crowds in better venues, but they never abandon the street corners from where they started.


"One of Brooklyn's finest [...] a harmonizing roots-rock act with accents of Brit pop and '60s sounds, and tuneful guitars."
--NY Post

"Because you can't really feel the blues until you're playing the streets of Paris with cleaning implements, Brooklyn roots trio The Crooners add to their clean guitar sound the homegrown rumble of a washtub bass. Theirs is a sound that is really, really American, like surf rock born in the Midwest, or like The Beatles after they got big in America. Their song "New Kind of Blue" certainly is, because it sounds like that first moment when the smoky blues joint became, through a few quick guitar riffs, the first rock club."
--Style Weekly

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2007 July 13

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