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2007 Events

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2007 July 19

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Steve Southworth and the Rockabilly Rays

7pm Friday July 19, 2007
Courthouse Park, Church Street
Cortland, NY

Steve grew up with an encouraging and highly influential family of musicians and music enthusiasts. Steve's father introduced him to the guitar when he was five-years-old. This was when Steve gave his first live performance, for his kindergarten class.

Steve's father was also a musician who has performed throughout Cortland, NY. Steve's dad was even performing at a Cornell University the night that Steve was born. Steve formed "Steve Southworth and The Rockabilly Rays" in 1986. First and foremost, this band was formed for his love of the 50's and early 60's music as well as the lack of musical groups in the area performing this genre of music. Steve's singing method has been compared to a variety of respected singers such as: Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison, and Bobby Darin.

The band today consists of Bill Avery (bass guitar, back-up vocals), Peter Salce (percussion, drums), Fluffy Saccucci (sax, back-up vocals, percussion), and, of course, Steve Southworth (lead-vocals, guitar). Steve and the band still reside in Cortland, NY. Steve is single and remains genuinely motivated and passionate about his music. He is also truly grateful and proud of his accomplishments past and present. Steve says, "The band is who I am. Its how people know me and when they think of me it's usually because of the music."

Also, Steve Southworth and The Rockabilly Rays openly and constantly recognize, acknowledge, and greatly appreciate their fans and listening audiences. For without these fine people, the band knows that they would not exist. A number of musical groups come and go; however, Steve Southworth & The Rockabilly Rays are a standing indication to the test of time. The band has been together since March, 1986.


"You can dance to every one of your songs you play!"
--Unnamed Fan

"The music is catchy and infectious….you can't sit still!"
--Unnamed Fan