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2007 Events

Steve Morgan Band

6pm Friday July 27, 2007
Marketplace Mall Parking Lot
64 Main Street, Cortland, NY

Steve Morgan, Chris Merkley, Brandon Regard, and Steve Palumbo make up the band that so generously mixes the blues with funk and rock. Steve Morgan started this band in his hometown of Cortland, NY. For the past two years, Morgan has been playing in the Central New York region with a variety of acts. This includes a solo career, an acoustic blues duo with Chris Merkley, a bluegrass acts, and three electric bands: the Morgan Stanley Band, the JP Morgan Band, and the Steve Morgan Band.

This band has incredible range in their vocals, style, and music. They are definitely a unique band that is able to tame and combine various types of funk, blues, and rock. Because of his impact and talents, Steve Morgan has been compared to Eric Clapton, Robert Plant, and even Stevie Wonder. Also, as an extremely talented vocalist and songwriter, he continues to exhibit the superiority of a musician that only becomes enhanced with time. 

Despite the fact that the band members have changed through the years, the foundation of the group has stayed the same.  Steve’s voice remains in control of this collaboration and keeps them going from year to year. The talents of this group are incredible and will be around for years to come.


"From the chugging arrangements, Allman Brothers-type harmonies and swirling harmonica of 'All I Need' and 'Take a Ride' to the more traditional lament 'Penny Pinchin', the duo mines the rich history of the Blues while keeping it relevant for the new millennium."
--Chris Kocher (Press & Sun Bulletin)

"Talented solo artists in their own right, Merkley and Morgan signify the magic that exists when two individuals compliment one another to the point of verging on being a single entity."
--CD Baby.com