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Why Non-U.S. Folk Music???

There are a few things about this website that could use some further explanation. For example, why do the Goals specify "Non-U.S. Folk Music"?

There are many styles of music that are popular in this area. This includes not only "pop" music, but other popular styles: Rock, Country, (North) American Folk, etc. It is quite common to hear live performances of this music, almost to the exclusion of other styles. I love all sorts of music. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find ALL SORTS of music in this area.

I am confident that U.S. folk music is in good hands. There are many folk singers, it is quite popular, and (I believe) there are NY State grants specifically for the promotion of (North) American folk music and art. When I exclude U.S. Folk from the goals of this website, it is because I believe that it does not need any help from me.

Part of my motivation in promoting non-popular music is rather selfish: I am an amateur classical guitarist, my son is a composer in the classical style, and my wife is a singer of both classical music and traditional South American music. But it also seemed to me that we couldn't possibly be unique. That if WE had trouble finding performances of music that interested us (or a venue in which to perform) there must be many others in the same situation. So it seemed like a good idea to promote a number of worthwhile, yet unpopular styles of music.